PS4 Overwatch 1v1 Season Opener Tournament
Tournament PS4 Overwatch 1v1 Season Opener
Overwatch (ps4)
Location ONLINE
Credits 0 credits
Registration Closed
Prizes $25
Prize Pool
Format 1v1
Match Zone CST(UTC-06:00)America/Chicago
Start Date January 19, 2019 02:01pm
Registration Start January 05, 2019 01:01pm
Registration End January 19, 2019 01:01pm
Teams Registered 0
Maximum Teams 32
No teams have registered
No Tournament Results have been reported
No teams have registered

1 v 1 The Tournament will run as following: - Random Seeded Double Elimination Brackets (two losses) - Each round will be a best of 3, first to 3 kills with the final being a best of 5 first to 5 kills. - All games will be created in custom games with a custom predefined ruleset (no respawn time, map choice) - Maps will be restricted to only king of the hill maps (Lijang tower, Nepal, Ilios) - All heroes (including Ana) are available ot play in this tournament Each contestant will only be allowed to have a choice of two heroes per round. The heroes will can be swapped between after you have died. Duplicate heroes between enemies will be allowed. Heroes will be picked in the following format, with Player 1 being decided by seed. P1 picks, P2 picks, P2 picks, P1 picks

                                                                                            (Click Here for Discord Tournament Chat)