Rules & Regulations

Rules for Students

  • All students must register for their own account on
  • All Tournaments are FREE to enter
  • Students must send request to team to be added to an active school roster
  • All students must be on an active team to be able to compete in any online tournaments
  • Only Team Captain(s) or Advisor(s) can add competitors to the tournament to represent their school or organization
  • Team Tournaments can be either be hosted online, offline or both
  • All Tournament Prizes will be awarded and sent to Team Captain(s) or Advisor(s), who will then be responsible for issuing to player
  • At the end of the High School League season a $1,000 Scholarship stipend and trophy is awarded to the top overall gamer and school presented at Nola Gaming Festival

Rules and regulations for Advisers and Team Captains

  • Students must be added to a team to be able to compete in any High School league tournaments
  • All Team Captains and Advisors need to make an account and add school on
  • Only Team Captain(s) and/or Admin(s) can add competitors to the tournament. (This gives you control over how you would like to set requirements on who plays and who doesn’t play as well as what games your students can and cannot compete in. There is no limit to the number of players that can compete in a tournament from a team.)
  • All Tournament Prizes will be awarded and sent to Team Captain(s) or Advisor(s). You will then be responsible for issuing to player. (This gives you control over all prizes whether it be online or offline events.)
  • All student team website access will be given to you only. (IGL Foundation will provide all assistance with web functionality.)
  • If any organization or school team wishes to host a LIVE tournament, they would need to also broadcast live on EETV channel

League Points/Rankings

League Points are issued on ( and are based on performance of all tournaments and challenges played throughout the season.

Points are also issued to 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th,5th and 6th place finishers of all tournaments. The ranking system is maintained throughout the season using the amount of points each player accumulates from all tournaments.


Place Regional LAN Online Majors Championship (NOLA Gaming Fest)
1st 800 400 500 2,000
2nd 400 230 285 1,000
3rd 200 145 180 500
4th 150 105 125 250
5th 100 85 100 125
6th 50 75 90 75