Deja Vieux Food Park

Posted By: IGLNOLA May 1, 2019 02:58pm

We partnered up with Ross Baudy, owner of the Deja Vieux Food Park. This allows us to host awesome tournaments right inside of New Orleans first permanent Food Truck Lot! Make sure you like and subscribe to the channel, so you will be in the know of our upcoming events, including our next Deja Vieux Tournament!

We want you! Do you have what it takes?

Come join, the experience. It only gets better and better, sign up to our website and keep your stats for the whole season, better yet, for LIFE!

For more info or to register go to and also the iglfoundation website for other great upcoming events!

@Noble Minds School - 1333 S Carrollton New Orleans

Special Shout out to Ross Baudy for helping us make this happen! We are only just getting started! Edited by yours truly - Matthew Delcambre aka. JoJoCuddlefish. Instagram @jojodelcambre Twitter @jojodelcambre

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